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Mookaite keychain heart

Keychain hart. Material: Mookaite.


You don't always need words to say something. Everybody recognizes the heart as the symbol of love. A heart always says something beautiful; whether you attach it to your own bunch of keys or whether you give it to someone else.

This keychain is made of the gemstone Mookaite. The name Mookaite originates from the place where this gemstone is found: Mooka Creek in West Australia. Avery long time ago a part of the ocean was cut off the rest of the ocean. In this water were Protozoa, Radiolarian, that piled up until they formed a layer of a few meters. There skeletons attracted iron-rich minerals and silica and formed a formation that is now called Windalia Radiolarite. The result of this proces gave us the beautiful stone Mookaite.

Some people believe that Mookaite can increase your will and cleanse your body.

Whether mookaite can do something or not, it is a beautiful stone that, especially in the shape of the symbol of love, makes each bunch of keys look better.


Size: about 9 cm
Weight: 24 gram

€ 8,95

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