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Goldstone keychain heart

Hart shaped key chain. Material: Goldstone.


You don't always need words to say something. Everybody recognizes the heart as the symbol of love. A heart always says something beautiful; whether you attach it to your own bunch of keys or whether you give it to someone else.

This keychain is made of the goldstone. In the 16th century some monks tried to make gold. They didn't succeed but instead they made a beautiful goldstone. Goldstone is made of synthetic glass that contains tiny crystals of metallic copper. These crystals makes the material sparkling.

According to some people goldstone can help you to think more positive.

Whether goldstone can do something or not, it is a beautiful material that, especially in the shape of the symbol of love, makes each bunch of keys look better.


Size: about 9 cm
Weight: 24 gram

€ 8,95

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