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Aventurine keychain heart

Key chain hart. Made of the gemstone aventurine.


You don't always need words to say something. Everybody recognizes the heart as the symbol of love. A heart always says something beautiful; whether you attach it to your own bunch of keys or whether you give it to someone else.

This keychain is made of the gemstone aventurine. Aventurine is a semitranslucent gemstone. When you hold a lamp behind it, you can really get a good look at the material. The stone contains mineral parts like fuchsite, that gives it a bit of a sparkle. Aventurine is found in countries like Brazil, India and Russia

Some people consider aventurine as a  soothing gemstone.

Whether aventurine can do something or not, this beautiful green stone looks great next to all keys.


Size: about 9 cm
Weight: 24 gram

€ 8,95

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