Curious what all my vlogs are about? Then watch this vlog! | Belicons

Curious what all my vlogs are about? Then watch this vlog!

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Saturday 24 November 2018

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Curious what all my vlogs are about? Then watch this vlog!

I started Belicons in order to be able to talk with others about things we create, think of airplanes that generate a lot of discussion, social media, but also things we have at home. If some object generates a discussion it is easy to just express an opinion about it. But in my blogs and vlogs I try to understand others. You can also join the discussion by sharing your opinion on Belicons or on my YouTube channel.

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Do you want to know what all my blogs are about? Then read this blog!

My blogs are all about different subjects and that might be confusing. In this blog I'll explain what all other blogs are about. And that is that each time I'll have a conversation with a...» Read this blog

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In livestock farming and in care of the elderly there is much suffering and unfortunately that is difficult to change. Luckily, there are people who are fighting to change this. But if we only watch these people trying to change this, then they won’t succeed. Let’s start to realize that everything that is alive deserves respect and act as such. Only then things can really change.» Watch this vlog

Crash course 'checking claims'

In my blog of last Tuesday I wrote that scientists aren't always right. That is true, but still uncomfortable for us, because we just like to know what is true. In this crash course you'll learn how you can find out for yourself which claims you can trust and which not.» Watch this vlog

We let ourselves become too dependent on technologies

In the last few years people more and more complain that we have become too dependent on technologies. But I think that this is too easy, in some areas we do become very dependent on technologies, but we let that happen. What do you think? Share your opinion below!» Watch this vlog