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User agreement

User agreement

When you visit Belicons, the following user agreement applies. Messages which are not written according to this agreement, may be deleted. If you have created an account and you don't follow this agreement, your account may be blocked and deleted.


1. Posting on Belicons

Belicons is about exploring and discovering a variety of ideas. It is therefore important to approach each other with respect. You'll, of course, sometimes disagree with someone else, but if you do, then have a conversation without being disrespectful to the other(s).

On Belicons it is not allowed to:

  1. to scold and/or curse;
  2. post things that are illegal according to the Dutch law;
  3. to upload or write something that can harm Belicons.

I have no responsibilities for messages that are posted on Belicons. If you want to make sure that your message won't disappear, than save it in another way.


2. Copyright on Belicons

Everything that you see and hear on Belicons is the property of Belicons. Would you like to copy and/or distribute something that belongs to Belicons, in whatever form? Than this is only permitted with prior written consent of Belicons. Unless it concerns a contribution of your own. It is, of course, permitted to copy and distribute your own contributions on Belicons.

If you have posted a message on Belicons and you are unhappy about it, than you can edit it yourself. If you want to have some message (yours or someone else's). Than send an e-mail to The message will not be automatically be removed. But, in consultation with you, I can see what information can be deleted.


3. Errors on Belicons

Sometimes there are mistakes on Belicons. If you read or hear something that bothers you, then send an e-mail to, and I'll look at it as quickly as possible.


4. Hyperlinks on Belicons

When there is a hyperlink on Belicons to another website, that doesn't mean that Belicons takes responsibility for the content of that other website.


5. Updates to this user agreement

This agreement can be updated. So check it regularly. At the upper right of this agreement you can see the date of the last update.